Insightful and Reflective

You given me another point of view to ponder.  It's made me look at my situation and issues from a different view point.  There was definite relevance from the cards on things I hadn't even mentioned I needed guidance with.  The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation.

- Carrie S., UK

Please accept this massive thank you!

I appreciate all the personal details in my reading.  It was really powerful! I read it on my train home from work, and it moved me to happy tears.  Honestly, each card and the overall guidance you've provided, were all beautiful, and fit perfectly with my situation.  The descriptions you've given me are exactly what I'm currently working on.  I could tell that time, effort, and love had gone into the reading.  It felt like you listened to my questions and description, and then put together a lovely reading for me.

- Alexandra G., UK

Thank you SO much for this

This absolutely resonates with me.  Your explanation of each card was so clear.  I worried at first when I saw The Fool, but now understand it means so much more than what I had thought.  This reading gives me great comfort to know that I truly can and should continue to trust my instincts.  I will read and re-read this for guidance and comfort.  Thank you so much for taking the time upfront to make sure the questions were clear and at the heart of my concerns.  You are wonderful!

- L.B., US

Your reading has made a real impact on me

I was initially wary of having a reading done online, but I decided to trust my gut and ask away.  I'm so glad I did, because your reading was very insightful and trustworthy.  You took the time to describe things to me clearly, and your interpretations are quite accurate.  I could feel the warmth in your message.  Thank you again for reading for me!  You are blessed and talented at what you do.

-Mitch A., Philippines