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Welcome, Seeker

My name is Frankie. You are no doubt here because you have a question for which you have been unable to find an answer.  Tarot is a wonderful way to help you find the clarity you seek during those times. 


The cards can give you guidance, helping you to see and choose a clear path.  This guidance is not a set of unavoidable predictions, or a fate that cannot be avoided, but instead shows you possibilities of what may be coming up for you.  Then, having newfound clarity, you can seek that path as it is shown, or choose to go down a different one altogether. 


Nothing is fated. Tarot is not a fortune telling device.  It will not predict death, or winning lottery numbers. It will not place or lift curses. Its beautiful energy is fluid, not rigidly set in stone.  In my practice, I ask our spirit energies for guidance and advice on what you seek.  Their answers are shown to us in the Tarot cards. They tell a beautiful story which I will interpret for you, empowering you to set your chosen future in motion.

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Tarot Readings


My Tarot readings are comprehensive and revealing and will give you insight into, and possibilities for, the issues you have been facing. They will involve several cards being chosen

for you.
Please limit your questions to one topic per reading, such as
~Where might my relationship be headed? 
~Do I need to choose a different partner who truly supports my wellbeing? 
~What can I do to enhance my career opportunities? 
~Might I find a career that better supports my personal passions and goals? 
~What might be causing this deep unrest and stress in my life? 
I will custom design a spread that includes both an oracle card which oversees and unifies the reading, and a Tarot card chosen to represent you at the time of the reading.  Your reading will include a deeply insightful written interpretation, and a photo of your custom card spread for reference. Once you receive your reading, any questions that may arise within can be answered with a new and separate reading.  Please review Tarot Reading Policies below. 


Tarot Reading Policies

  • My Tarot readings do not direct you to specific action independent of your own sound judgement.  A reading provides you with possibilities that you can choose to follow, or avoid, of your own free will. An agreement with me to read your Tarot story means that you accept the outcome of the reading with all of the possibilities it offers. Therefore, all payment is final and not dependent upon what is revealed.  

  • Payment is required prior to the reading being done for you. I will provide a payment link to you via email. 

  • I reserve the right to refuse a Tarot reading at any time 

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a Tarot reading from me.

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Code of Ethics
  • I will conduct your Tarot reading in a clear, honest, forthright way that will empower you to make choices. 

  • I will not predict your future. 

  • The reading interpretation will be provided to you with empathy and kindness, and as I see it, even though this may not be the result you wish to see.  

  • I will not do Tarot readings that concern medical or legal issues of any kind. 

  • I will read for you only: I will not answer questions about another person's feelings, their life, and/or how those things may relate to you. 

  • All client information including names, and information shared and discussed within the reading will be kept fully confidential unless as requested by client, or required by a court of law.

  • I will read for clients with equal respect, regardless of race, origin, religion, gender, or sexual preference.  

  • Clients must be at least 18 years of age to receive a Tarot reading from me.

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Insightful and reflective
You've given me another point of view to ponder.  It's made me look at my situation and issues from a different view point.  There was definite relevance from the cards on things I hadn't even mentioned I needed guidance with.  The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation.
- Carrie S., UK

Please accept this massive thank you!
I appreciate all the personal details in my reading.  It was really powerful! I read it on my train home from work, and it moved me to happy tears.  Honestly, each card and the overall guidance you've provided, were all beautiful, and fit perfectly with my situation.  The descriptions you've given me are exactly what I'm currently working on.  I could tell that time, effort, and love had gone into the reading.  It felt like you listened to my questions and description, and then put together a lovely reading for me.
- Alexandra G., UK

Thank you SO much for this
This absolutely resonates with me.  Your explanation of each card was so clear.  I worried at first when I saw The Fool, but now understand it means so much more than what I had thought.  This reading gives me great comfort to know that I truly can and should continue to trust my instincts.  I will read and re-read this for guidance and comfort.  Thank you so much for taking the time upfront to make sure the questions were clear and at the heart of my concerns.  You are wonderful!
- L.B., US

Your reading has made a real impact on me
I was initially wary of having a reading done online, but I decided to trust my gut and ask away.  I'm so glad I did, because your reading was very insightful and trustworthy.  You took the time to describe things to me clearly, and your interpretations are quite accurate.  I could feel the warmth in your message.  Thank you again for reading for me!  You are blessed and talented at what you do.
-Mitch A., Philippines

Worth Every Penny!
I so appreciate the reading you gave me.  It was very in depth and much introspection I have to do.  You are very thorough.  I'm already feeling better about my path.  
-Paige T, US

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How I Conduct My Readings

I believe we are all guided by the same interconnected Universal energy.  You may call these guides by different names:  Universal energy; Guardian angels; Divine Spirit; God...but you know know them as those beings whose presence you feel.  You often speak with, and pray to them. They are truly there with you, listening to you and guiding you. 


For your Tarot reading, I make a focused, purposeful connection with your energy and that of my divine spirit guides.  They guide me in choosing cards to show you the answers you seek. 


I will conduct your reading offline in a quiet, sacred space, read the message in the cards chosen for you, and write a comprehensive interpretation of the story within them along with a photograph of the spread so that you may reference it for any details within the story which refer directly to images on your cards. 


With this method, you will be able to read, absorb, and find meaning in your Tarot story's written interpretation and be able to refer to it again and again for clarity and comfort and guidance.